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During the summer of 2018 Amy and Nour joined together to launch Project Azraq.

Five years previously, Amy completed her degree in Human Geography, packed her bags and left the UK to work as a diving instructor. She wanted to pursuit her dream of living by the sea and working in marine conservation.

Nour also heard the call from the ocean, first she wanted to understand it better and as result she graduated as marine biologist in the America University in Cairo. After she moved to Dahab and made her divemaster at one of the great dive centres that holds Dahab.

When we both met, we had an invaluable insight into the problems the ocean is facing and wanted to contribute to help in its survival.

“As divers we have the privilege of witnessing the daily life of the ocean. The more you immerse yourself in the underwater world the more beauty you observe and the deeper you fall in love with it.” However bearing witness to its daily wonders also means witnessing the destruction of our ocean. When we meet it was apparent for us that it was no longer enough to work in the ocean, we also needed to help protect it.

During some chill out chats on the cafes of our beautiful town we decided to join forces and bring our individual skills and expertise together. A few months later Project Azraq was born.

Protecting the future of the ocean through:
Marine Education
Marine Education

To educate and spread awareness of the tropical reef importance.

Reef Monitoring

To collect & preserve data of the Red Sea ecosystem for the scientific community.

Dive Agains Debris
Dive Against Debris

To generate a change and reduce the amount of debris in our ocean.

Our home

Dahab means gold in Arabic and if you have ever visited you will understand why. It truly is a treasure nestled between the awe-inspiring Sinai mountains and the wondrous Red Sea.

There are very few people who can resist its allure and even fewer who leave without the promise of returning.

Formerly a Bedouin fishing village, Dahab is now considered to be one of Sinai’s most treasured diving destinations.

The waters of the Red Sea are home to a unique and astonishing array of marine species. The region is famous for its clear waters and vibrant corals alongside a high number of endemic coral reef fish.

Who we are?

Project Azraq Team - Amy

Co Founder & Project Manager
– PADI Instructor –

Project Azraq Team - Nour

Co Founder & Lead Marine Biologist
– PADI Divemaster –

Project Azraq Fish & coral

The Reason Why The Project Exist
– Coral, fish, invertebrates –

The Finest in Dahab

Project Azraq’s collaborate with the finest facilities in Dahab.

Dahab is a famous scuba dive destination, as a result great quality dive centres are based in our city, with prime equipment and awesome dive professionals. We have experience working as freelance divers in several dive centres in Dahab and around the world and it never stops surprising us the high standards held in our city compared with other top dive destinations.

Dahab is also a freediving Meca and we did not want to leave behind a full part of our town that also has devoted their lives and hearts to the Red Sea.

We aim to collaborate with as many of them as possible in Dahab, therefore we consider our home is not only in our base but is in all the great facilities that run our program.

Project Azraq will like to give an special thank to Pathways that through their donations had made possible the rent of the classroom at Blue Beach for our presentations.

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Reef Diver Programme

Reef Diver

Understand better the marine world that you love.

Reef Monitoring Programme

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