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Mission Statement

Project Azraq is a marine conservation organisation, based in Dahab, South Sinai, empowering local communities to protect the future of the coral reef ecosystem through education and reef monitoring.

We believe that in order to protect the coral reefs, we must first understand them; by understanding, we develop the passion to protect them.

Project Azraq Logo

Why are coral reefs important?

Marine ecosystems are the biggest source of oxygen on this planet.  In Sinai, where Project Azraq is based, we have one of the most precious ecosystems in the world on our doorstep – the Red Sea. The Red Sea coral reef ecosystem is a refuge for corals in a world where reef ecosystems are collapsing on an annual basis. However, even our Red Sea ecosystems are affected by global environmental threats, which lead to areas of coral dying and fish stocks being threatened.

Individually and as a global community we must change how we interact with our coral reefs in order to ensure not only their survival but the survival of every living organism on our planet.

Our Goals

  • To educate and spread awareness about the marine world
  • To collect and preserve data for the scientific community to further knowledge of the unique Red Sea ecosystem
  • To reduce the amount of marine debris

Three Pillars

Project Azraq is held up by three key pillars; reef monitoring, marine education and clean up dives.

Reef Monitoring
Marine Education
Clean Up Dives

Project Azraq - Marine Education


Education is one of the most critical goals of Project Azraq. We aim to impart knowledge to the local community, helping them to understand the importance of our coral reefs and threats they are facing. Through our education programmes, we are on a mission to improve peoples’ knowledge about our oceans and to learn how we as individuals can make a difference.

Azraq Workshops


Project Azraq has developed a series of in-depth marine workshops based on the species we monitor and the key threats that our reefs are facing.


We give talks for both adults and children. We aim to provide an insight into the coral reefs and empower our local community to protect them.

“We need to respect the oceans and take care of them as if our lives depend on it. Because they do”- Sylvia Earle

Project Azraq - Reef Monitoring


The Red Sea contains one of the healthiest coral ecosystems in the world. However, it is severely understudied and there is a great need for consistency and longevity in data collection.

Each month we monitor the coral reefs at specific dive sites. These were chosen to demonstrate differences in impact. The monitoring allows us to provide the research community with essential data, needed to assess what measures of protection are required in order to ensure the sustainability of the coral reefs ecosystem.

Clean Up Dives


Project Azraq organises regular clean up dives around the Red Sea.  These are held in collaboration with different organisations, dive centres and individual volunteers, in order to collect and document the debris found underwater.

This is a way of raising awareness and recording the problem, providing essential data to support and inform research into possible solutions to the debris crisis.

“There is no such thing as “away”. When we throw anything away it must go somewhere”- Annie Leonard

You have the power to protect!

Everyone has the power to protect marine ecosystems around the world whether we live by the ocean or in the city. It starts by making small changes to our own lifestyle but also by supporting organisations like ours.

Spread the news of our work, invite us to give a workshop or a community presentation, join our clean up events, donate to our cause and we will help to equip and empower you to make the changes you seek.