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Our Commitment

"Each and every of us can make changes in the way we live our life and become part of the solution" Al Gore

What we stand for

Project Azraq is a social enterprise aiming to be a leading example of both environmental conservation and social business.  We are committed to proving it is possible to achieve the optimum quadruple bottom line: people – planet – purpose and profit. We believe it is through a social enterprise model such as this, that we can really have impact and effect positive change in our world.

Our Values

Our key values are:

  1. Environmental Conservation
  2. Community Empowerment
  3. Integrity

At Project Azraq we believe that.…

  • We can exist and interact harmoniously with nature; Nature can be our guide and we can follow its lead.
  • We have a role to play in protecting every aspect of the ecosystem, with a particular focus on coral reefs.
  • We have a responsibility to ensure we empower our communities, both within the project and externally.
  • By empowering and engaging local communities we can fuel a passion for conserving marine environments, which can then transform into a desire to protect them for generations to come.
  • We can lead with integrity and set an example by developing a responsible business model.
  • Through a responsible business model we can incorporate the need to grow and develop economically with our commitment to maintaining integrity and compassion towards everything we are privileged to encounter, from coral reefs to humans beings.

We commit to integrating these values and beliefs into the heart of everything we do, even as we grow.

Marine Protocol

Team Azraq are ambassadors of the ocean. Because much of our work is carried out in the water, we require our team to adhere to the following:

Green Fins Code of Conduct: Project Azraq has pledged to follow the Green Fins Code of Conduct and follow their briefing guidelines to ensure better dive practices.

Dive entry and exits points are at natural breaks in the reef or done at high tide to avoid any contact with the coral.

Reduce the quantity of chemicals entering the marine ecosystem: by simple measures such as use ocean friendly sunscreen or alternative forms of sun protection (e.g rashest) and use spit -not soap- to defog the dive masks.

We do not encourage eating fish whilst in Dahab: Bedouins are allowed to fish for themselves however restaurants illegally sell reef fish.

As an ocean conservation organisation, we ask those who join our project in any capacity to respect the guidelines and advice we have outlined above.

Diver’s Code of Conduct

Green Fins - 7 things divers must do




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