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Marine debris is human-created waste that has been released in the water. Can be something as simple as a smashed empty can, a cigarette butt left on the sand or a plastic bag that flies with the wind and ends up in the ocean potentially harming marine life.

Every year more and more trash and litter enter in our oceans becoming a serious threat for the health of our Oceans. We can start the change by removing marine debris from the ocean and report data on the types, quantities and locations of materials collected.

Dive Against Debris

Each month, in our hometown of Dahab, we organise a PROJECT AWARE – DIVE AGAINST DEBRIS in order to contribute to the global initiative for change. We collaborate with a different dive centre each month in order to spread awareness and get the whole dive community involved.

We are also part of organising a monthly dive against debris in Sahl Hasheesh as part of their Deep Sweep initiative.

On Dive Against Debris we arm ourselves with a few extra mesh bags and a team of volunteers. During the dive we focus on a small area and collect everything we find that does not naturally occur. We are careful to ensure what we collect does not have anything living on it.

After collecting the debris we group the trash together in categories such as plastic, metal, cloth. Each category has subcategories. The number of debris in each of these is then counted and entered into a global database on the Project Aware website and onto our Project Azraq database.

Dive Against Debris improve the health of our ocean ecosystems through localized volunteer efforts and provide valuable information about underwater debris to help inform policy change.

Our Data has already been used to lobby for sustainable beach management laws.

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In Dahab we have collected = 73.5 kgs of Marine Debris

56 Bags ; 137 Packaging; 1 ballon; 35 bottles; 575 caps; 2 cup; 4 takeaway containers; 3 cigarette lighters; 34 synthetic carpets; 1845 cigarette butts; 53 cutlery; 4 furnishing; 15 pvc pipes; 10 tobacco packaging; 1 diaper; 21 fishing line; 1 nylon rope; 257 food wrappers; 3 latex gloves; 15 dive gear; 5 sheeting; 11 straws; 778 fragments ; 12 strapping bands; 3 fake plants; 1 pacifier baby.

235 glass & ceramic fragments; 14 glass bottles

5 spray can; 4 battery; 52 tin cans; 20 aluminium cans; 85 caps; 4 pipes; 185 wrappers (fool, metal); 12 wire mesh; 5 fishing hooks; 1 household; 32 pull tabs beverages; 4 shish tops; 70 fragments.

8 tires; 15 Inner-tubes; 3 rubber bands; 9 fragments.

158 fragments.

20 bags; 4 baby wipes; 3 rope; 547 fragments; 1 carpet; 21Kg fabric.

29 Bags; 1 book or magazine; 63 bottle wrappers; 291 fragments.

2 Electronics; 4 bricks & chunks of cement; 2 medical plasters; 1 plastic reel; 2 organic; 2 pillows; 4 fiberglass

4 crabs inside a plastic bag (released)

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