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Project Azraq Environmental Statement


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We have a role to play in protecting our environment by being as sustainable as possible. As a conservation organisation, we know a healthy environment is critical for the future and that we need to lead by example.

Our Commitment

Project Azraq has pledged to follow the Green Fins Code of Conduct and follow their briefing guidelines to ensure better dive practices.

We are also proud parents of “The Bridge, Dahab” and “The Pier, Sahl Hasheesh” dive site which we have adopted and pledged to protect in collaboration with Project Aware Dive Against Debris.

Environmental Guidelines

We are committed to ensure we have as low an impact on our surrounding environment as possible. Team Azraq are ambassadors for the ocean therefore we all adhere to the following:

Best diving practices: Through rigorous dive training we ensure that everyone we take into the water has excellent buoyancy skills before taking part in any diving outside of our confined area.

Dive entry and exits points are at natural breaks in the reef or done at high tide to avoid any contact with the coral.

Ensure that our waste has the least practicable impact on the environment: by reducing the amount of it, be sure that at any activity we do leave no trace behind and disposing our waste -including cigarette butts- responsibly.

Refuse single use plastic: We put at our visitors disposition free water refills, cloth bags for shopping, reusable containers for takeaway food and up-cycled refill coffee cups.

Reduce the quantity of chemicals entering in the marine ecosystem: by simple measures such as use ocean friendly sunscreen or alternative forms of sun protection (e.g rashest) and use spit -not soap- to defog the dive masks.

We do not encourage eating fish whilst in Dahab: Bedouins are allowed to fish for themselves however restaurants illegally sell reef fish.

As an ocean conservation organisation we ask those who join our project respect the guidelines and advices we have listed above whilst staying in Dahab.

Diver’s Code of Conduct

7 things divers must do
7 things divers must not do


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