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‘Just don’t waste’: A vital message from David Attenborough.

‘Just don’t waste’: A vital message from David Attenborough.

This week I posted an article which quoted a vital message from the legend that is David Attenborough. Whilst speaking to young people he said “live the way you want to live but just don’t waste”. 


As a project people often ask us “how can I make a difference or make a change that will help protect the ocean” and we always answer with reduce your consumption and in turn reduce your waste. No matter which environmental threat we are discussing from overfishing to pollution the one thing that will always contribute to remedying it is reducing our consumption. 


We are in a world where ordering too much food and discarding of the excess is normal, buying new clothes on a weekly basis is encouraged and updating our mobile phones to the latest model is seen as essential. Consumerism is so engrained in our minds we probably do not realise the unnecessary waste we produce. It is a sickness both for our own mental wellbeing and our planet.  In order to combat this sickness I believe we must make a shift in our mindset and start viewing everything we use or consume as precious because it truly is. 


Everything we use takes energy and resources to produce and then uses more energy and resources to be transported to its final destination. When we look at an onion do we really consider its journey, how precious it is? By the time the onion reaches our plates it has taken around 25 days to grow, it has been fed water and has taken nutrients from the ground, it has been harvested, cleaned, transported to a shop, displayed and finally bought. The onion may have gone on a longer journey than some people ever go on. This one onion will become part of one meal that will help to sustain us so we can grow and continue our journey. 


Have you ever thought about an onion like that before? Have you ever considered the energy it took to get to your plate? I don’t think many of us do and I’m sure this is why we are so happy to waste food. 


The onion is just one example but we need to start seeing EVERYTHING we use as precious.


All that we have and all that we own is a gift to us that we must regard highly and use wisely. Waste is what is killing this planet but we all have the power to control the amount we waste.


Written by: Amy Johnson

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