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Out With The New in With The Old!

Out With The New in With The Old!

Ensuring We Respect Our Planet

A challenge we have faced since starting Project Azraq is ensuring everything we produce is environmentally friendly or low impact. For example when we provide guest with falafel breakfast we collect it in a reusable box rather than a plastic bag or we ensure we take refill bottles to our monitoring dives so we do not have to buy water. We really try to consider every aspect of our day and how we can reduce its environmental impact in order to ensure the project in its entirety is respecting our beautiful planet.

Branded Products

As with most organisations we planned on having branded products for those who support us or to sell for raising awareness. First product we decided on were t-shirts as in Dahab it is common for these to be sold or given away from tourist focused businesses. However on the day of hand printing our first batch of T-shirts we started to discuss the impact of the t-shirts. The T-shirts we had managed to source locally are cotton…it takes about 2,700 litres to make 1 cotton t-shirt. The impact of this on the environment is huge! We also started to consider the amount of t-shirts people already have at home…why would we want to add to this pile.

Up-cyling Time

As much as we would love to see Project Azraq logos around town and worn by our family and friends it hit us that we should not be contributing any more to the production or consumption of new clothes.  Therefore we decided that it would be awesome if we could encourage people to up-cycle their old T-shirts which lie around the house and add our logo onto it. Not only does this mean people can have a Project Azraq T-shirt but it also means we raise awareness about up-cyling, clothing production and our crazy consumption habits when it comes to fashion.

Therefore we are very happy to announce that Project Azraq will no longer produce new T-shirts however we will up-cycle your old ones with an awesome Project Azraq logo. Our future plans will also include only using planet friendly inks!  All of this may slow down our ability to provide people with Project Azraq products however we feel OK with that as I’m sure you will all agree that we have a duty to our planet as an environmental organisation…

So we would rather do things right then do them right now!

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