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Project Azraq

Project Azraq Launches!

Project Azraq - Citizen Science Project

Project Azraq Launches!

I had a short break from writing the blog as November was Project Azraq’s launch month…but now I’m (Amy) back to share with you our progress so far!

Starting Project Azraq has been filled with excitement, nervous anticipation and at times slight apprehension. In the run up to our opening month our problem solving skills were put to the test due to unforeseen problems from sourcing suitable diving slates to fixing our projector after it exploded! All these set backs seem quite uncomplicated if you live in a big city however from our small and remote town of Dahab it is not always so quick and easy to fix these things.

But we did it!!!!

Now we are over halfway through our opening month and we can breath out with a sigh of relief as we look at what our incredible team has created and realise what we will be capable of achieving as we continue to develop. Wow, do I feel proud!

Witnessing our volunteers evolve both in and out of the water has been such a privilege. Seeing in action the space we have created to share knowledge, change perspectives and inform ideas is truly amazing. It really is an honour to have a job where you learn something new everyday, where you meet people who share the same visions and where you can cultivate hope for the future.

I feel so inspired after just 18 days and I cannot wait to continue Project Azraq’s journey with you all.

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