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When You Seek Out Hope You Will Find It

When You Seek Out Hope You Will Find It

Negative News

I wake up, make some coffee and lye back down to read the news. Click, I open the page, and as quickly as I open it I want to close it again! I’m bombarded with pain, destruction and worst of all fear. Fear felt by those fleeing a war torn region, fear felt by those whose lands are being destroyed, fear felt by a family who cannot feed their child. This fear suffocates me. I want to know what is happening in this world but the constant bombardment of negative news just makes me want to curl up in my bed and draw the covers back over me.

Small Changes, Big Impact

However I can not close myself off from the world instead I have to find an alternative solution, and for me that is choosing to believe that amongst all the negative news there are positive stories to be found. By searching out these positive stories I’m able to remind myself that there is hope for this planet. If I do not remind myself of this I will start to believe my work is worthless. If I believe my work is worthless I will stop doing it. I am only one but if we disempower everyone working towards a better planet then we are in real trouble. We have to keep believing that small changes can sometimes lead to a big difference. Otherwise we will drown in despair.

Celebrating Success

Therefore as a project we want to contribute to highlighting success stories particularly environmental ones. Just in the town we are based in there are already so many incredible initiatives taken on by our small community to tackle environmental issues. Let’s start to praise these initiatives and in turn give ourselves the power and motivation we need to continue to make changes…


…Because when you look around and choose to seek out hope I promise you will find it.


(The photo depicts pandas which became a symbol of conservation during their time of being classified as endangered. However they have now been downgraded to ‘vulnerable’ on the global list of species at risk of extinction. It shows that conservation efforts are working and provides hope for the world’s other threatened wildlife).

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